We aim to provide highly-skilled and adept professionals through a meticulous approach to recruiting.

Recruitment & Consulting

When technology is the way to differentiate and complexity stands in your way, we help you build the capabilities needed for your digital evolution .

Our services are Agile, rooted in Analytics and built in the CloudGanaka is a digital transformation firm that takes a multidisciplinary approach to transform the enterprise for the digital age. We provide application development, experience design, infrastructure, and enterprise collaboration solutions. Each of the practice areas overlaps and when combined, produce truly exceptional results.

Our team will provide the necessary digital business services to accelerate your transition into the ever-evolving digital world. Ganaka is well equipped to help re-engineer your business operations to efficiently navigate the current landscape. Our enterprise cloud solutions team will generate a custom roadmap for your company’s transition to a technology-centric business model.

With the advent of several MNCs and start-ups in the country, opportunities in the country are profuse. By associating with the committed team of Indian recruitment agencies, we strive to offer the best business opportunities and apply state-of-the-art technology to produce the best results and offer optimum service.

Global Sourcing is a specialist service that has been developed to address the needs of global businesses looking at employing Indian & Expatriate talent at leadership / senior and middle management levels outside India. Mandates are delivered through an expert consultant team, which focusses only on such assignments. With our research driven methodology, strong linkages within the Indian & global talent pool and our sourcing skills, we would be in a position to add significant value to your hiring process.


We cater our clients:

High-Value Sourcing Solutions

We engage in processing all prospective candidates to their targeted opportunities and ensure to source the perfect candidate for the desired roles through expert agents with several years of experience in HR and recruitment methodology

Detecting Right Talents

Prowess Pursuits excels in proving personnel who maintain an impressive professional record and are highly-motivated individuals. We understand the value of a good resource and thus, our clients are assured valuable assets for their organisation

Swift Processing

Our adept team of agents believe in quality and speed. Thus, they ensure that they start the hunt for the talent and also conclude the recruitment solution in the shortest number of days possible.

Higher Delivery and Performance

As we bestow our clients with the best assets for their company, there has been a recorded optimal growth of the company’s overall performance and the achievement of new milestones

Dedicated Account Management/Support

A dedicated leader with a team is assigned for the duration of the task, alongside any further resources needed to meet your deadlines and objectives

Diverse Sourcing Strategy

Robust talent identification strategies utilising social media, job boards, targeted search and our regional and global databases

Transparent and Results Focused Pricing

Fair and quality-focused rates, flexible cost model that is tailored to your needs and linked to achieving your goals

A Tailored Strategy

Project plan development from the ground up: setting out committed timelines, delivery dates and full reporting accountabilities designed to suit your needs and objectives

Global Reach

Multi-country databases, International search and sourcing capabilities